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Mischief and Mayhem Club, Meeting #2, Monday Night, 11 pm, TA Lounge

A figure with an extravagant mask on, and wearing a cloak was the first into the lounge that evening. As such, and taking it upon herself (as the figure was a girl, you see, though the cloak hid most of that), she set up for the meeting and awaited the rest of the crew.

Tonight, she decided, she’d lead. After all, it had been said that they’d take turns. Once everyone had hopefully arrived, she stood up to call the meeting to order. Who better than a Princess, after all?

She'd just opened her mouth to speak when...

Tyler had been watching the masked figures gather from a shadowy vantage point in the hallway. When it seemed like no one else was coming, he opened the door, strode in, and perched on a table where most of the group could see him. No mask, no robe, just himself.

"Hey guys," he said, leaning forward to look them over. "Am I late?"

Princess Butterfly
Princess Butterfly blinked and stared at him for a moment--oh, crap they'd already been found--before raising her chin imperiously.

"You weren't invited," she said smoothly, scrambling to remember his last name and failing miserably, "Mr. Tyler."

It was Tyler-sensei, but that'd give away her identity really quick.

"Oh, nuts, and I thought my invitation just got lost in the mail," Tyler said, feigning upset. "Look, you go writing on the sidewalk in front of school, odds are one of the teachers will notice. You're just lucky it was me. I think this will be fun."

He appraised the group thoughtfully. "I have to say, nice work on the upside-down common room -- that was you, right? So what's the second act?"

Princess Butterfly
Princess Butterfly was going to give Mercury a bit of a Look for that one really. So not her fault, seriously.

But at least he wasn't kicking them out, or taking them to Principal Winchester.

"Still under debate," she said, with a glance at the rest of the group, "we're contemplating something for the parents this coming weekend, nothing major--mix-matched drawers and switching clothing around. For other pranks ideas are tentative, but include switching all the dorm room numbers around and seeing how long it would take people to notice, or spray-painting the sidewalks blue and covering them with fish."

"Huh," Tyler said. Nothing harmful, nothing that targeted anyone in particular, nothing he needed to go to the principal with -- especially not with him as a guiding hand. "I like the fish one. Especially if you're good enough artists to convince people it's really water and they get all nervous. Dorm room numbers, no one would care. Drawers have possibilities, especially if you swapped the underwear."

He gave a little restless shrug, started walking round the room. "I'm not here to be a narc, by the way. And I'm not here to run things. You run things. I make sure nobody gets hurt." A beat. "And I don't wear a freaking mask."

Princess Butterfly
That was good enough for her, really. Princess Butterfly could only hope it good for the rest of them as well.

"It shall be as you say then."

A beat.

"Mom." And she was so going to keep calling him that. And, come to think of it, she was going to get them all to call him that. "His codename is Mom."

Pure innocence, really.

[Preplayed with the totally awesome [ profile] tyler_back. Meeting is NFB, and for those who know who they are only, please! Wait for the OCD is up! Plot your hearts out!]

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