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List of Assistants' Lounge Key Holders

Updated July 5, 2009
Teacher's Assistant
Alex Karev ([livejournal.com profile] fratboybitch) - How to Be Awesome (Stinson)
Arthur Pendragon ([livejournal.com profile] bitch_prince) - Rangering (Minsc)
Dean Winchester ([livejournal.com profile] saltandammo) - Sexual Anthropology (Brennan)
Elena ([livejournal.com profile] findingelena) - Life's Little Quirks (Loki)
Eric van der Woodsen ([livejournal.com profile] notasuiciderisk) - Rangering (Minsc)
Fiona Post ([livejournal.com profile] cutsthestrings) - Strategy Games (Reid)
Francine Peters ([livejournal.com profile] thatsamilkshake) - Driver's Ed (David)
George Cooper ([livejournal.com profile] noearsyet) - Life's Little Quirks (Loki)
George Sands ([livejournal.com profile] wantstobehuman) - Film Through the Ages (Mitchell)
Hannibal King ([livejournal.com profile] decoder_rings) - Physical Fitness (Dukes)
Harry Dresden ([livejournal.com profile] harrydresden) - Photography (Mars)
Jon O'Neill ([livejournal.com profile] asgardcreated) - Creative Writing (Castle)
Kyle Reese ([livejournal.com profile] weetinyreese) - Practical Weaponry (Bond)
Leonard McCoy ([livejournal.com profile] maythrowuponyou) - Tactics (Kirk)
Merlin ([livejournal.com profile] bigdamndestiny) - Destiny and Free Will (Atreides)
Parker ([livejournal.com profile] abetterthief) - Art Appreciation and Protection (Devereaux)
Peter Petrelli ([livejournal.com profile] repeterpetrelli) - Flight and Flying (Skywalker)
Peyton Sawyer ([livejournal.com profile] darkangelsawyer) - Healthy Living (Day)
Rose Hathaway ([livejournal.com profile] guardianborn) - Practical Weaponry (Bond)
Tahiri Veila ([livejournal.com profile] weetuskenraider) - Destiny and Free Will (Atreides)
TR Wexler ([livejournal.com profile] stocksgrrl) - Survival for Nonpowereds (Dex)
Valentine Wiggin ([livejournal.com profile] a_demosthenes) - Creative Writing (Castle)
Wendy Watson ([livejournal.com profile] notahostage) - How to Be Awesome (Stinson)

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