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Mischief & Mayhem Club, Meeting #7, Monday Night, 11 pm, TA Lounge

Mercury was bouncing restlessly on her toes when the other members of the club showed up.

"Hi, guys," she said. "Okay, so, we've got a few ideas going, and I think we need to pick one and go with it. Maybe we can get someone to be point-man on one of them? Or point-woman. Mischief and Mayhem Club doesn't discriminate."

"More importantly: the semester's headed to a close here pretty soon. I want us to go out with a bang. Ideas on how we can do that?"

"Annnnd. Hmmm. If we pull it off, we should have a party or something, for our last meeting. But that'd be kinda silly, with the masks and cloaks, huh? I dunno. I'm just talking. Tell me what you guys think."

(NFB. For club members.)