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Angela has barely looked at any of her textbooks in almost two weeks.

This could be bad.

She decided to spend her lunch period in the TA lounge, eating some yogurt and attempting to catch up on the work she missed while she was back in Pittsburgh or too emo to study distracted.

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Up early, Callisto opened the TA lounge.

After turning on the coffee machine, she opened up a folder she was carrying and started making notes.

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Cameron's got some chocolate cake with him. He puts it on the table and settles down in one of the chairs. Keeping his head down in the lounge sounds like a good thing right now.

((Shut up. I know it's not Thursday. *mutters*))
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Bel opened up the lounge in the morning, running over his sociology notes for class that afternoon. He had a kimono and hakama pants hanging from a hook on the wall, and a sake set on the table.
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Cameron wakes up, belly down with his face squashed against the arm of the couch. The first thing he's aware of is that his mouth is dry and tastes vile. The second's that this definitely isn't his bed and there's no one beside him. Third, something hard is poking in his hip. It's only when he rolls onto his back and pulls out $50 in monopoly money and a silver metal car that he notices the splitting headache.

"Oh boy," he mutters and tries to sit up. The world is spinning and his shoulder is stiff. "Not good."

He's got absolutely no clue how he got here, but he's going to take a wild guess that it involves monopoly and booze. Which really doesn't add up.
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Fifty dollars and not one shop open. Cameron sighs and lowers himself on the couch. Just a quick nap before going to find Vala. He likes Vala, she's nice and warm and comfortable. The car in his pocket isn't. He mumbles something about the academy and flying before dozing off.

((*goes to bed* Stupid boy scouts.))
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With only one class on Friday, Bel opened up the Assistants Lounge and settled in for a relaxing day of reading up on Japanese weddings.
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Vala stumbled bleerily into the lounge before class. The upcoming Medieval English History exam has her worried enough to have woken up from nightmares about being chased around the classroom by Professor Pierson painted blue and wielding a sword. And she really doesn't want to run into Parker in the library again... not until she calms down a bit.
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Callisto stumbled into the lounge before classes started, carrying a thick stack of books and a notepad under one arm.

She had most of today free, she was going to use it to plot even more revenge against Skeeter productively.
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Krycek had the room open, coffee started, and a crossword puzzle open on the table because sudoku puzzles are the devil! The devil I say!.

He was ready to camp out there all day, if only to avoid hanging out in his dorm room.

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With only one class to worry about, Angel had plenty of time to hang out and do nothing pay close attention to his studies.

Currently he was curled up on the couch and reading a large, old, dusty book.

For fun.


Sean, possessed of a better sense of fun than his dad, was chasing a ball around on the floor.

There was fresh coffee brewing.

[Lounge is for TAs, library/clinic helpers, yadda, yadda, yadda...]



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