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Bel finally came out of hiding to do some studying away from rambunctious kittens. Due to the mysterious disappearances of almost all his teachers (which he had nothing to do with, of course), he only had one final remaining: Celtic Studies. Even though he had an in with the TA, he decided to spend the day studying anyway.

[ooc: Here for all your TA lounge or demon-harassing needs. I have 2-1/2 hours of work left and I'm bored out of my mind.]
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After talking to Phoebe in the morning, Bel wandered down to the TA's lounge to open it up for the day, daydreaming about payback for Allie's attack.
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Phoebe opens up the lounge in a very good mood... even if she is trying to write a mid-term for a class to take on Thursday.
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Kiki unlocks the lounge and sets water on for tea. She sits studying a book of complicated-looking magical equations and diagrams.

[Bel, mind stopping in at some point?]
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Cameron's got some chocolate cake with him. He puts it on the table and settles down in one of the chairs. Keeping his head down in the lounge sounds like a good thing right now.

((Shut up. I know it's not Thursday. *mutters*))
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Kiki unlocks the assistant's lounge and brews up some tea. And, just because she knows someone will want it, she turns on the coffee maker, hazarding her best guess at how to set the thing up. It might be coffee, it might be sludge-water. She wouldn't know!
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Having no classes until Professor Carter's class this evening, Callisto opened up the lounge after dropping by the library.

After making some coffee and flopping down on the couch, she opened up a copy of Vegetius's De Re Militari and started reading.

[The lounge is open for TAs, clinic aides, library staff and invited friends. Only TAs and such have keys, though, and the door is locked when none of them are around. If you're a TA and don't have community membership, request it here.]



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