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After Sociology of Violence, Veronica headed to the TA Lounge instead of going back to her room. She may have been trying to avoid thinking about what happened in Neptune over the weekend.

She started a pot of coffee and flopped down on the couch to finish reading the copy of Cosmo she had picked up at the airport yesterday.
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Cameron's got some chocolate cake with him. He puts it on the table and settles down in one of the chairs. Keeping his head down in the lounge sounds like a good thing right now.

((Shut up. I know it's not Thursday. *mutters*))
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Callisto stumbled into the lounge before classes started, carrying a thick stack of books and a notepad under one arm.

She had most of today free, she was going to use it to plot even more revenge against Skeeter productively.
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Logan opened up the lounge after Math class and put on a pot of coffee, then flopped down on the couch and closed his eyes.
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Phoebe was wide awake and working on AU smut some very important homework and essays. She decided to come in and open up the lounge for the other assistants. She made coffee and brought in muffins and doughnuts, turned on the CD player, then settled in to work.
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Usually after returning from Sean's oh-my-god-it's-when-in-the-morning? walk, there was nothing Angel liked better than crawling right back into bed. Sean, being a bit of a snuggle hound, usually agreed with him.

This morning was different, however. When they returned Sean began tugging at the leash. Too tired to argue and assuming Sean was trying to find a toy he'd left behind, Angel who in no way spoiled his child let the dog lead him to the assistants lounge.

"Whatever it is, find it quick," Angel told Sean. He got his key out and unlocked the door. "All I want right now is to get out of these clothes, get under the covers and - "

Angel stopped as the light from the hallway fell onto a figure sleeping on the couch.

" - Logan?"
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After dropping Molly off at her room, Logan wanted nothing more than to crawl home, take a hot, soothing shower and sleep in his own bed.

Well, there was one thing he wanted more, and that was to not be attacked by vampires. Ever again. Considering the amount of dark between the dorms and his house, Logan decided to stick around the campus for the night.

He found his way back to the Assistant's Lounge, let himself in and locked the door behind him. It took him a few tries to find a position on the couch that wasn't painfully uncomfortable, but once he did, he fell asleep quickly.

It probably helped that he'd downed the entire contents of the non-holy-water flask between Molly's room and the lounge.

[Anyone coming into the lounge Friday during first or second period will find Logan still on the couch. He's locked the door, though, so you'll have to let yourself in.] [He left just before first period since he was woken up early.]

[Next morning continued here]
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Done with ACJ and not feeling up to heading back to the room before Campaigning, Angel headed into the lounge to lay on the couch and close his eyes for a few minutes.

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