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Bel opened up the Assistants' Lounge for the day. He was still in a good mood about telling Logan to stay away from Angel last night. Petty? Nah, not at all.

[Save me from work!]
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Phoebe opens up the lounge in a very good mood... even if she is trying to write a mid-term for a class to take on Thursday.
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Kiki unlocks the lounge and sets water on for tea. She sits studying a book of complicated-looking magical equations and diagrams.

[Bel, mind stopping in at some point?]
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Bel opened up the lounge in the morning, running over his sociology notes for class that afternoon. He had a kimono and hakama pants hanging from a hook on the wall, and a sake set on the table.
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Being a vampire and having an energetic puppy meant that you did a lot of walking indoors in order to make sure the puppy got its exercise.

Fortunately the school was more than big to satisfy, and that was even without including the basement since Angel had a gut instinct that Sean and Sunshine wouldn't get along (assuming Sunshine was still down there, and Angel wasn't going to be the one to check.)

This morning found Angel and a still Santa-hatted Sean wandering around the admin areas. Not really awake yet, Angel let Sean lead. The puppy snuffled his way through one hallway and another until he finally came up to a door that was in what appeared to be a much neglected corridor.

Normally Angel wouldn't have cared, but something on the door caught his eye.

"'Assistants Lounge'?" he read aloud. He frowned. "I didn't know we had an assistants' lounge."

He tested the door. The knob felt rusted, but it opened when he applied a little pressure or possibly it was locked and he just had vamp strength to open it, la la la.

The room was dark, but Angel could make out a table, some chairs, and a faded couch. He could also make out a very strong sent of mold, mildew, and dust.

Sean, for his part, thought this was fascinating. He darted into the room, leapt onto the couch, and immediately set off a dust cloud strong enough that it billowed out into the hall. Sean barked, pleased with his accomplishment.

"Oh yeah," Angel said. "That can't be good."

He decided to investigate.

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