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Nadia had woken up early rather accidentally, but couldn't get back to sleep, so she grabbed an assortment of breakfasty and snacky type foods from J,GOB, and decided to open up the assistants' lounge.

Because she could. Which was fun.
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Bel wandered down to the lounge and opened it up for the day. The coffee maker was his friend.
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Up early that morning and unable to fall back asleep, Bel wandered down to the Assistants' Lounge and opened it up for the day.
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Bel opened up the Assistants' Lounge for the day. He was still in a good mood about telling Logan to stay away from Angel last night. Petty? Nah, not at all.

[Save me from work!]
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Phoebe opens up the lounge in a very good mood... even if she is trying to write a mid-term for a class to take on Thursday.
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With only one class on Fridays, Bel settled in the Assistant's Lounge to spend the day studying. Not brooding. Nope. Not at all.

The door is open, come on in.
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Blair opened the assistants lounge and settled in at a table with Hank, his laptop, and several books. He was going to figure out this dating thing if it took all day. Or at least until 6th period when he had to leave for class.
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Bel opened up the lounge in the morning, running over his sociology notes for class that afternoon. He had a kimono and hakama pants hanging from a hook on the wall, and a sake set on the table.
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With only one class on Friday, Bel opened up the Assistants Lounge and settled in for a relaxing day of reading up on Japanese weddings.
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Callisto stumbled into the lounge before classes started, carrying a thick stack of books and a notepad under one arm.

She had most of today free, she was going to use it to plot even more revenge against Skeeter productively.
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Phoebe gets to the school early and opens the assistants lounge.

Coffee is brewing and there are doughnuts, too.
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Phoebe opens up the lounge and immediately starts brewing the coffee. She has a feeling that she's going to need a lot of it, today.

She has her hair pulled up in a ponytail and is wearing a unique blue jewel around her neck that she often plays with.

She has a notebook in front of her and is making notes and doodles ... about weddings and...
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Before classes, Phoebe opens up the Assistants Lounge and starts a pot of coffee. She has a pile of paperwork in front of her and is sitting on the couch looking it over.
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The roof was too bright and visible during the day, and the attic reminded Bel too much of Phoebe, so he retreated to the lounge to spend the day brooding. And quite possibly, plot the ways he was going to make Logan Echolls suffer.
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Phoebe was wide awake and working on AU smut some very important homework and essays. She decided to come in and open up the lounge for the other assistants. She made coffee and brought in muffins and doughnuts, turned on the CD player, then settled in to work.
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With only one class to worry about, Angel had plenty of time to hang out and do nothing pay close attention to his studies.

Currently he was curled up on the couch and reading a large, old, dusty book.

For fun.


Sean, possessed of a better sense of fun than his dad, was chasing a ball around on the floor.

There was fresh coffee brewing.

[Lounge is for TAs, library/clinic helpers, yadda, yadda, yadda...]
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After speech class, Belthazor unlocked the door of the Assistants' Lounge and settled himself on the couch to read through his texts for various sociology courses and the non-suspicious books he'd borrowed from the library. Seraphim and Valkyrie were curled and snoozing in a nearby chair as bringing pets to the Assistants' Lounge seemed to be the thing to do. They'd managed to escape from the room late that morning and followed him to the lounge.

Hopefully no one would bring a dog in today because it could get ugly. Plus if it was Sean with Angel then he would be accused of hitting on him again which was OMG not true!!!11!!!!

[The lounge is open for TAs, clinic aides, library staff and invited friends. Only TAs and such have keys, though, and the door is locked when none of them are around. If you're a TA and don't have community membership, request it here.]



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