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Thursday morning before first period, Walter opened the TA's lounge and had to blow dust off the coffee maker before he could get some going. It seemed that no one had been in here in months.

Well, he couldn't really point fingers. He'd had a key since September and hadn't abused it. But he was now.

There was coffee and he decided he'd have his lunch there today as well.
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Now Mac has her TA lounge keys, she's going to make the most of it. Jake told her way back when she first arrived that the coffee there was the best in the school. She's just testing out that theory.

She has her laptop playing music at her, lots of coffee, pens, and a large stack of paper to keep her occupied.

[ooc: OCD a' comin. Open for all TA lounge-ing, or Mac poking needs. All is good for I am bored.]
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After Campaigning Isabel took a walk over to the TA lounge. She unlocked the door, stepped into the room, and sneezed. It was pretty obvious that nobody had been in here since the end of May. With a sigh, Isabel rooted around through the cabinets until she found cleaning supplies and then started to clean.

[ooc1: Please wait for the OCD is up!]

[ooc2: The TA lounge is a place for TAs to hang out. The lounge has all the important things TAs would need. Namely comfy couches, a coffeepot and a small fridge. New TAs can handwave getting keys from Krycek. But you'll need to join the community before you can comment or post. Any questions? Ping [livejournal.com profile] krycek_rat]



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