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Cameron's got some chocolate cake with him. He puts it on the table and settles down in one of the chairs. Keeping his head down in the lounge sounds like a good thing right now.

((Shut up. I know it's not Thursday. *mutters*))
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The roof was too bright and visible during the day, and the attic reminded Bel too much of Phoebe, so he retreated to the lounge to spend the day brooding. And quite possibly, plot the ways he was going to make Logan Echolls suffer.
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With only one class to worry about, Angel had plenty of time to hang out and do nothing pay close attention to his studies.

Currently he was curled up on the couch and reading a large, old, dusty book.

For fun.


Sean, possessed of a better sense of fun than his dad, was chasing a ball around on the floor.

There was fresh coffee brewing.

[Lounge is for TAs, library/clinic helpers, yadda, yadda, yadda...]
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After speech class, Belthazor unlocked the door of the Assistants' Lounge and settled himself on the couch to read through his texts for various sociology courses and the non-suspicious books he'd borrowed from the library. Seraphim and Valkyrie were curled and snoozing in a nearby chair as bringing pets to the Assistants' Lounge seemed to be the thing to do. They'd managed to escape from the room late that morning and followed him to the lounge.

Hopefully no one would bring a dog in today because it could get ugly. Plus if it was Sean with Angel then he would be accused of hitting on him again which was OMG not true!!!11!!!!

[The lounge is open for TAs, clinic aides, library staff and invited friends. Only TAs and such have keys, though, and the door is locked when none of them are around. If you're a TA and don't have community membership, request it here.]
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Angel was up early.

That was so wrong on so many levels.

But he'd promised Krycek to help finish cleaning the Assistants Lounge, and sadly doing that was more fun than contemplating dealing with Parker's forced death march to Student Council.

Angel stood in the doorway to the lounge and pondered what he wanted to attack first.

Sean nosed around. It was possible that he sniffed around the door of one cabinet in particular more often than he did the others, but Sean was a puppy and puppies did weird things sometimes.

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Being a vampire and having an energetic puppy meant that you did a lot of walking indoors in order to make sure the puppy got its exercise.

Fortunately the school was more than big to satisfy, and that was even without including the basement since Angel had a gut instinct that Sean and Sunshine wouldn't get along (assuming Sunshine was still down there, and Angel wasn't going to be the one to check.)

This morning found Angel and a still Santa-hatted Sean wandering around the admin areas. Not really awake yet, Angel let Sean lead. The puppy snuffled his way through one hallway and another until he finally came up to a door that was in what appeared to be a much neglected corridor.

Normally Angel wouldn't have cared, but something on the door caught his eye.

"'Assistants Lounge'?" he read aloud. He frowned. "I didn't know we had an assistants' lounge."

He tested the door. The knob felt rusted, but it opened when he applied a little pressure or possibly it was locked and he just had vamp strength to open it, la la la.

The room was dark, but Angel could make out a table, some chairs, and a faded couch. He could also make out a very strong sent of mold, mildew, and dust.

Sean, for his part, thought this was fascinating. He darted into the room, leapt onto the couch, and immediately set off a dust cloud strong enough that it billowed out into the hall. Sean barked, pleased with his accomplishment.

"Oh yeah," Angel said. "That can't be good."

He decided to investigate.

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