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Parker is pouting.

She opened the assistant's lounge after ACJ in order to cope with her lack of sartorial adornment by herself. But she still has three classes to go.

Stupid bunnynappers.
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After dropping Molly off at her room, Logan wanted nothing more than to crawl home, take a hot, soothing shower and sleep in his own bed.

Well, there was one thing he wanted more, and that was to not be attacked by vampires. Ever again. Considering the amount of dark between the dorms and his house, Logan decided to stick around the campus for the night.

He found his way back to the Assistant's Lounge, let himself in and locked the door behind him. It took him a few tries to find a position on the couch that wasn't painfully uncomfortable, but once he did, he fell asleep quickly.

It probably helped that he'd downed the entire contents of the non-holy-water flask between Molly's room and the lounge.

[Anyone coming into the lounge Friday during first or second period will find Logan still on the couch. He's locked the door, though, so you'll have to let yourself in.] [He left just before first period since he was woken up early.]

[Next morning continued here]
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Angel was working on cleaning the absolutely filthy assistants lounge. This was arguably due to the fact that as a vampire with a soul he was a nice guy who enjoyed doing good deeds for others.

Or possibly he had some extra energy that he needed to work off.

Said energy had absolutely nothing to do with someone whose name began with C and ended in allisto. For the record. Ahem.

As Angel didn't think he'd be using any fire this time he had Sean with him. Sean busied himself by playing with a squeaky ball.

The ball rolled off into a corner by the cabinets, and Sean chased after it.

It was entirely possible for either the vampire or the puppy to be interrupted.



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