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Kenzi had found a note somewhere in all the school materials that there was a special lounge for TA's.

And lo, there was. It was covered in dust, like no one had been down here in ages, and it wasn't anything spectacular...

but now it was hers! Her domain! Her secret lair! Muahahhaha...she'd have to make sure to get another TA job if Mr. Caffrey ever left, so she could keep her access here.


The first thing she did was put up a target, draw a gray-faced zombie on it, and start throwing knives.


[open, of course, to all Fandom TA's. Who have probably forgotten this was here, since the last time anyone posted was 2009.]
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"Okay, guys," Mercury said. "Last meeting before break. This is our last chance to do something before the semester's over. Are we gonna get cracking on either of the ideas we discussed last time? Mixing the common rooms up, or putting buttons around? Let's see if we can go out with a bang."

"Also, have some donuts and hot chocolate, 'cause ... it felt like we should have donuts and hot chocolate. Careful eating with your masks on."

(Sorry it's up late. RL suckage.)
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Mercury was bouncing restlessly on her toes when the other members of the club showed up.

"Hi, guys," she said. "Okay, so, we've got a few ideas going, and I think we need to pick one and go with it. Maybe we can get someone to be point-man on one of them? Or point-woman. Mischief and Mayhem Club doesn't discriminate."

"More importantly: the semester's headed to a close here pretty soon. I want us to go out with a bang. Ideas on how we can do that?"

"Annnnd. Hmmm. If we pull it off, we should have a party or something, for our last meeting. But that'd be kinda silly, with the masks and cloaks, huh? I dunno. I'm just talking. Tell me what you guys think."

(NFB. For club members.)
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In the darkness of night, the the club members gathered. By ones and twos they slipped into the TA lounge, where a figure stood waiting, pacing back and forth in front of the room.

"Welcome, Brethren and Sistren," Wolfman intoned. "Welcome, to our gathering of mischief, mayhem, and CHAOS."

and chiding. )

[NFB. Open to those who know who they are.]
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Another week, another meeting.

An antsy cloaked and masked figure paced back and forth at the front of the room, a bit concerned that he'd been the first person to arrive for two weeks in a row.

"Okay, you guys are SERIOUSLY SLACKING!" he told people once they'd assembled. "We're doing the fish thing tomorrow night, in front of the dorms. Everyone bring blue spray paint and at least one kind of fake fish and meet me there. Someone else gets to take point on swapping the room numbers, and then we need more ideas after that. We need some sort of ORGANIZED PLAN in order to create random chaos, people!!!"
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In the darkness of night, the room was unlocked. The cloaks and masks were arranged in the antechamber, in preparation for the night's dark deeds.

Within, a lone figure stood in shadow at the front of the room. The stupid weather refused to provide lightning to illuminate him dramatically. Still, it was a pretty good effect all the same.

"Welcome, brethren," he intoned. "Welcome to our mischief night. Welcome to our plotting, our planning, our dark and secret scheming. Welcome all. Let us begin our dastardly work."
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The first one in the loung tonight, the masked figure set everything up for the other club members, which meant setting out several boxes of donuts. They needed energy to discuss what needed discussing. Besides, mmm, donuts.

Whipping her cloak around, she took a seat and realized somewhat belatedly that eating for some masked figures might be hard to do. Whatever, they can take a donut to go.

[NFB and only for those who know who they are! Please wait for OCD is up!]

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A figure with an extravagant mask on, and wearing a cloak was the first into the lounge that evening. As such, and taking it upon herself (as the figure was a girl, you see, though the cloak hid most of that), she set up for the meeting and awaited the rest of the crew.

Tonight, she decided, she’d lead. After all, it had been said that they’d take turns. Once everyone had hopefully arrived, she stood up to call the meeting to order. Who better than a Princess, after all?

She'd just opened her mouth to speak when...

Tyler had been watching… )

[Preplayed with the totally awesome [livejournal.com profile] tyler_back. Meeting is NFB, and for those who know who they are only, please! Wait for the OCD is up! Plot your hearts out!]
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Rikku got to the TA lounge early, and set up the masks and cloaks outside of it, with a note above that read


She got her own mask and cloak in place, in case anyone showed up early. There was a handy stash of rum placed outside to distract any radio squirrels.

Now: to wait.

(OOC: this is for members only, and all of it is NFB. OCD coming. Viva le club!)
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Thursday morning before first period, Walter opened the TA's lounge and had to blow dust off the coffee maker before he could get some going. It seemed that no one had been in here in months.

Well, he couldn't really point fingers. He'd had a key since September and hadn't abused it. But he was now.

There was coffee and he decided he'd have his lunch there today as well.
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Nadia had woken up early rather accidentally, but couldn't get back to sleep, so she grabbed an assortment of breakfasty and snacky type foods from J,GOB, and decided to open up the assistants' lounge.

Because she could. Which was fun.
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Phoebe had gathered some books and notebooks and settled into the Assistants lounge to do some note taking and research for the Good Omens class and lab projects.

She started the coffee maker and brewed some tea before she settled back in to read and study.
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Now Mac has her TA lounge keys, she's going to make the most of it. Jake told her way back when she first arrived that the coffee there was the best in the school. She's just testing out that theory.

She has her laptop playing music at her, lots of coffee, pens, and a large stack of paper to keep her occupied.

[ooc: OCD a' comin. Open for all TA lounge-ing, or Mac poking needs. All is good for I am bored.]
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After Campaigning Isabel took a walk over to the TA lounge. She unlocked the door, stepped into the room, and sneezed. It was pretty obvious that nobody had been in here since the end of May. With a sigh, Isabel rooted around through the cabinets until she found cleaning supplies and then started to clean.

[ooc1: Please wait for the OCD is up!]

[ooc2: The TA lounge is a place for TAs to hang out. The lounge has all the important things TAs would need. Namely comfy couches, a coffeepot and a small fridge. New TAs can handwave getting keys from Krycek. But you'll need to join the community before you can comment or post. Any questions? Ping [livejournal.com profile] krycek_rat]
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Bel finally came out of hiding to do some studying away from rambunctious kittens. Due to the mysterious disappearances of almost all his teachers (which he had nothing to do with, of course), he only had one final remaining: Celtic Studies. Even though he had an in with the TA, he decided to spend the day studying anyway.

[ooc: Here for all your TA lounge or demon-harassing needs. I have 2-1/2 hours of work left and I'm bored out of my mind.]
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With only a second period class, Bel decided to spend the morning in the the assistants' lounge. No, he wasn't moping because a certain vampire seemed to have a crush on everyone but him.
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After talking to Phoebe in the morning, Bel wandered down to the TA's lounge to open it up for the day, daydreaming about payback for Allie's attack.
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Angela has barely looked at any of her textbooks in almost two weeks.

This could be bad.

She decided to spend her lunch period in the TA lounge, eating some yogurt and attempting to catch up on the work she missed while she was back in Pittsburgh or too emo to study distracted.

[OOC: Open to TAs and invited guests.]



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