([identity profile] wrote in [community profile] fandomassistant2008-11-10 02:38 pm
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Mischief and Mayhem Club, Meeting #5, Monday night, 11 pm, TA Lounge

Another week, another meeting.

An antsy cloaked and masked figure paced back and forth at the front of the room, a bit concerned that he'd been the first person to arrive for two weeks in a row.

"Okay, you guys are SERIOUSLY SLACKING!" he told people once they'd assembled. "We're doing the fish thing tomorrow night, in front of the dorms. Everyone bring blue spray paint and at least one kind of fake fish and meet me there. Someone else gets to take point on swapping the room numbers, and then we need more ideas after that. We need some sort of ORGANIZED PLAN in order to create random chaos, people!!!"

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