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Now Mac has her TA lounge keys, she's going to make the most of it. Jake told her way back when she first arrived that the coffee there was the best in the school. She's just testing out that theory.

She has her laptop playing music at her, lots of coffee, pens, and a large stack of paper to keep her occupied.

[ooc: OCD a' comin. Open for all TA lounge-ing, or Mac poking needs. All is good for I am bored.]
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Angela has barely looked at any of her textbooks in almost two weeks.

This could be bad.

She decided to spend her lunch period in the TA lounge, eating some yogurt and attempting to catch up on the work she missed while she was back in Pittsburgh or too emo to study distracted.

[OOC: Open to TAs and invited guests.]
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After waking up early and hanging flyers about the Boykissy Event, Veronica decided to go hang out in the assistant's lounge and take all the cookies she had baked the day before, now that they wouldn't need them for the Boykissy Event.

She opened the lounge and started a pot of coffee.

[Veronica's mun stayed home from work sick and wants to play]
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Kiki unlocks the lounge and sets water on for tea. She sits studying a book of complicated-looking magical equations and diagrams.

[Bel, mind stopping in at some point?]
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With only one class on Friday, Bel opened up the Assistants Lounge and settled in for a relaxing day of reading up on Japanese weddings.
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Callisto stumbled into the lounge before classes started, carrying a thick stack of books and a notepad under one arm.

She had most of today free, she was going to use it to plot even more revenge against Skeeter productively.
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Krycek had the room open, coffee started, and a crossword puzzle open on the table because sudoku puzzles are the devil! The devil I say!.

He was ready to camp out there all day, if only to avoid hanging out in his dorm room.

[ooc: Going to bed! Threads are up! Figure Krycek's really into his puzzle until I get back to ya. I'm here now, will be on all day, woo.]
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The roof was too bright and visible during the day, and the attic reminded Bel too much of Phoebe, so he retreated to the lounge to spend the day brooding. And quite possibly, plot the ways he was going to make Logan Echolls suffer.
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With only one class to worry about, Angel had plenty of time to hang out and do nothing pay close attention to his studies.

Currently he was curled up on the couch and reading a large, old, dusty book.

For fun.


Sean, possessed of a better sense of fun than his dad, was chasing a ball around on the floor.

There was fresh coffee brewing.

[Lounge is for TAs, library/clinic helpers, yadda, yadda, yadda...]
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After two weeks of cleaning, the assistant's lounge finally bears some vague resemblance to a place that would not violate more than a few Board of Health Regulations. In fact, parts of it almost squeak with tidiness.

The small room includes a table and chairs, shelves stocked with alcohol all kinds of supplies and books, a shiny! new! couch, a sink -- which might have a faint smell of something burnt around it -- and a file cabinet, the bottom drawer of which is sealed shut with biohazard stickers. There's also a TV, which is tuned to an episode of The Jerry Springer Show, because right now that's about the speed setting of Angela's brain. She sits on the couch flipping idly through an issue of Composure from last fall that someone has left in the lounge.

There are some Doritos, pretzels, soda and Twinkies on the table. Assistants and friends can come in and help themselves.

[OOC: The lounge is open for TAs, clinic aides, library staff and invited friends. Only TAs and such have keys, though, and the door is locked when none of them are around. If you're a TA and don't have community membership, request it here.]
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Angel was up early.

That was so wrong on so many levels.

But he'd promised Krycek to help finish cleaning the Assistants Lounge, and sadly doing that was more fun than contemplating dealing with Parker's forced death march to Student Council.

Angel stood in the doorway to the lounge and pondered what he wanted to attack first.

Sean nosed around. It was possible that he sniffed around the door of one cabinet in particular more often than he did the others, but Sean was a puppy and puppies did weird things sometimes.

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